Prior to initial production we had OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS scientifically tested at a research university in the Netherlands for efficacy and in parallel a programme of consumer/early-user research in the UK.


The research volunteers were initially blood tested to check their cholesterol levels prior to embarking upon the trial. After 3 months the recruits were tested again and their results went beyond expectations.


The benefits included improved cholesterol levels and HDL/LDL ratios, with many of the group benefitting from improved joints, skin, hair and general health.




“Omega-3s are so important for our health – from heart health and brain function to mood improvements, healthy joints and reducing inflammation. But many of us don’t eat enough oily fish to get the benefits of these omega-3s. If you are not eating at least 1 portion of oily fish a week, it is important to supplement your diet with EPA and DHA, these two long chain fatty acids are found in oily fish.

Ømega-3 PLUS contains both of these, as well as DPA which is especially important to maintaining cardiovascular health, and I would recommend to my clients.”



Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach

“Because inflammation is at the root of all disease, OG Ømega 3 PLUS  with it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties and additional anti-oxidants for maximum absorption is my daily essential for holistic health and beauty.”

Karen Cummings-Palmer is a leading Integrative health and nutrition coach and commentator.


Hair Colourist at Top Kings Road Hair Salon


“I undertook an independent three month trial for OG Ømega-3 Plus with some scepticism, particularly as it took place over the Christmas period – and I’m no saint in the health & wellness department!

However, the results amazed me.

My ‘before and after’ blood tests showed my cholesterol levels had significantly decreased from high to slightly raised – in spite of my hedonistic Christmas – and there was also a remarkable decrease in my inflammation marker. I have attributed the welcome relief from severe tennis elbow pain – an occupational hazard I guess – to this reduction in inflammation.

I’m also enjoying a feeling of general wellbeing plus strong nails and healthy skin. It’s an experience and recommendation I shall be passing on to my clients.”



Creative Director at Leading Kings Road Hair Salon


“Although my appearance and general wellbeing are important to me, I’ve never been a believer in pills or supplements. So when I was offered the opportunity to undertake a three month trial for OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS my expectations were close to zero.

But having completed the independent trial I have experienced several tangible benefits to my health. Most significant is a considerable reduction in repetitive strain pain in my right hand – not good for a hairdresser; find me one who is pain free!

And from a cosmetic point of view I have noticed that my nails are stronger, my complexion and hair healthier and I’m enjoying a feeling of good health and wellbeing. Somebody even commented on the length of my eye-lashes last week – a very welcome side effect.

I shall continue taking OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS  on a daily basis, if only to relieve the repetitive pain in my hand – and maybe for the long eye-lashes!”

  • Why have you mixed Omega 3 with Olive oil?

    During the years of research that has led to the Omega 3 PLUS formulation it was discovered that the Olive Oil both protected the fish oils with its powerful antioxidants and provided anti-inflammatory benefits of its own.  The fish oil provides the Omega 3 fatty acids which we need for a healthy heart.

  • How long before I feel the effects of taking Omega 3 PLUS?

    We believe you should see the full benefits from taking Omega 3 PLUS daily between 8-10weeks.

  • What are the Ingredients in OG Ømega 3 PLUS

    North Atlantic Herring, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Omega 3 Fish oil concentrate and Vitamin D

  • Why North Atlantic herring?

    North Atlantic Herring is rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which form the base for all Omega-3 supplements. Herring oil also contains the very special long-chain monounsaturated fatty acid - Erucic Acid, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to have a significant effect in preventing atherosclerosis. It is a small fish, low down the food chain which means that it has less polutants in.

  • Why have you included Omega 3 Fish oil concentrate?

    In order to provide you with our recommended 1g of Omega 3 fatty acids per day we have boosted the great benefits from Herring oil with a high quality concentrated Omega 3 fish oil to reduce the amount of oil you need to consume each day.

    It also includes a high level of DPA which is an Omega 3 long chain fatty acid that studies have shown is the most important fatty acid in the prevention of Cardio Vascular Disease because of the unique effect it has on blood platelets, most fish oils have relatively low levels of DPA.

    What are the benefits of the Olive Oil The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well known for its own health benefits including great anti-inflammatory properties as we've seen in the mediterranean diet.  It also provides powerful antioxidants which protect the precious Omega 3 fatty acids both before and after consumption.

  • Are your Fish from sustainable sources?

    Yes all our fish are from fisheries that are Friends of the Sea or MSC accredited.

  • Do I need to keep the product in the fridge?

    No, as the fish oil is protected from oxidisation you can keep your Omega 3 plus Oil and capsules in the cupboard. You should take care to keep them away from heat or direct sunlight.

  • What is a daily dose?

    For capsules you we recommend that you take 4 gels a day.  This will provide you 1g of Omega 3 fatty acids which we recommend for you to get the full benefit.

  • Do I need to take all the capsules at the same time?

    No you can take the capsules at any time during the day.  We've included the Concentrated Omega 3 fish oil in our formulation to reduce the quantity you need to take to receive 1g of Omega 3 so taking 4 Gels at once is easy.



JEFF, 52


“After initial cynicism, I was really impressed with ØMEGA-3 PLUS. As a diabetic, my cholesterol levels are closely monitored, and I was impressed to see they’d decreased after 12 weeks. My energy levels have improved too, I’ve been waking up before my 7.30am alarm, every morning! I also noticed my nail quality changed; they appear healthier, shinier and stronger. ”




“I’d definitely recommend ØMEGA-3 PLUS to my friends. It’s easy to take, there was no fishy after taste and I’ve really noticed the effects, especially in my hair and nails – which now feel much stronger. What’s more my energy levels have improved and I’ve found myself feeling less fatigued throughout the day.”




“WOW! ØMEGA-3 PLUS defied my expectations. My level of good cholesterols has increased, my skin is smoother and looks younger, my joints feel less achy and I’ve noticed my hair and nails are stronger, too. I’d definitely recommend it to a friend – it’s so easy to take! ”




“The benefits of taking OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS have been clear to see. I’m really impressed that my cholesterol levels have decreased, even though I over-indulged at Christmas. My energy levels have rocketed too, and my joints feel supple and less achy as well. I’d definitely recommend to a friend, OG ØMEGA 3 PLUS is really easy to take and has made me feel a lot better in myself.”


DAWN, 56


“I’d definitely recommend OMEGA-3 PLUS to a friend. It’s easy to take, it has put a noticeable spring in my step and exceeded my expectations. My hair condition has improved too, and my nails feel stronger and less brittle.”



East Yorkshire

“OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS was so easy to take and the benefits were clear. I’ve suffered with bad knees since a horse riding accident years back, and since I’ve taken the supplement they’ve troubled me much less. I’ve been full of energy too – all throughout the day – even during the post-lunch slump. My cholesterol has improved too. I would definitely recommend ØMEGA-3 PLUS to a friend.”


GARY, 53

East Yorkshire

“OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS was a dream to take, with no dreaded fishy aftertaste! The supplements made me feel so much better in myself, and I’ve been more immune to colds and common viruses. Even more noticeable is the improvement to my joints, particularly in my knees which have felt less stiff and achy.”




OG ØMEGA-3 PLUS is now available to buy as soft gel capsules or traditional Norwegian-style oil from selected retailers or direct from this site. Click on the link below to discover exclusive online deals.


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